About the Friends

Friends of the USS Gravely

Our mission is to chronicle the exploits of the late Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., USN (Retired), and to reflect his legacy of duty, honor, strength, resolve and sacrifice.


The USS Gravely, christened in the state of Mississippi on May 16, 2009, will reflect his character, his forthrightness, and his steadfastness and will stand for and deliver his legacy wherever she serves. His spirit aboard the USS Gravely will be an inspiration to its crew, the United States Navy, and America for generations to come.

Conway B. Jones, Jr.
Founding Chairman


May 16, 2009 Pascagoula, Mississippi Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Yards

(Left to right) Conway B. Jones, Jr., Mrs. Alma B. Gravely, widow of the late Vice Admiral Samuel L, Gravely, Jr., USN (Retired) and Ship’s Sponsor, USS Gravely DDG 107, and Commander Douglas W. Kunzman, USN. prospective commanding officer, Gravely DDG 107, following the christening of the USS Gravely DDG 107, the 57th Arleigh Burke class Aegis Guided Missile Destroyer.

Photograph: Marcel Lewis